Freshwater Ecosystem Management

Our aquatic ecosystems are highly dynamic and often exhibit great seasonal variability in habitat structure, values and assemblages of species present. At Blue Earth Environmental we understand these complexities and have the skills and experience necessary to effectively undertake any field and/or desktop ecology assessments required for your project.

We offer a comprehensive set of capabilities within the assessment and management of freshwater ecosystems and can provide the personnel, permits and equipment required to complete the job to the highest industry and safety standards.

Our Key Capabilities Include:

  • Aquatic fauna assessments and management (fish, aquatic reptiles, platypus, macroinvertebrates, stygofauna)

  • Aquatic flora assessments and management (macrophytes, algae and riparian vegetation)

  • Abiotic assessments (water quality, stream sediments, aquatic habitat condition and values)

  • AUSRIVAS assessments

  • Electrofishing

  • Stream health assessments

  • Aquatic monitoring

  • Aquatic salvage

Our Key Service Areas Are:

Aquatic Ecology Taxonomic Identification Queensland


  • Baseline aquatic ecology surveys
  • Aquatic ecology chapters for Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA / EIS)
  • Aquatic constraints and feasibility assessments
  • Aquatic Values Survey Reports (AVSR) and Aquatic Values Management Plans (AVMP)


  • Design and implementation of Receiving Environmental Monitoring Programs (REMPs)
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Assessment of water quality, stream sediments and aquatic habitat values
  • Aquatic Species Management Plans
  • Dewatering / aquatic fauna relocation
Aquatic Ecology for Construction and Heavy Industry Queensland
Aquatic Ecology Impact Assessment Queensland


  • Ecotoxicology assessments – contaminant concentrations within biota samples
  • Stream health condition assessment (including AUSRIVAS, EHMP style assessments)
  • Statistical design and implementation of scientifically robust investigations / monitoring programs


  • Aquatic fauna tagging and tracking assessments
  • Targeted investigations of threatened aquatic species
  • Pest fish removal and management strategies
Aquatic Ecology Research Management Queensland
Aquatic Ecology Infrastructure Planning


  • Freshwater macroinvertebrate sample processing (AUSRIVAS accredited)


Beth Kramer

Blue Earth Environmental Pty Ltd were a key part of the team, led by NGH Pty Ltd, who assessed the ecological values of a 3,250 ha area which had recently come into the Sunshine Coast urban footprint. Together, we proposed an ‘environmental network’ which will be enhanced and protected in order to sustain biodiversity as the site is developed over the next decade and into the future. Blue Earth Environmental completed aquatic ecology surveys and associated reporting, as well as taking part in a series of workshops with other disciplines to identify criteria for protected areas.

Sunshine Coast Council, the client, commended the project team for their contribution to a Structure Plan that is considered extremely robust and provides a strong foundation to move forward.

General Manager - Biodiversity | NGH

Amy Kirkpatrick

Blue Earth Environmental were fantastic to work with, assisting us in the delivery of an aquatic ecological assessment required for an environmental approval. Their expertise ensured that the methodology was scoped to the satisfaction of both our clients’ needs and that of the environmental approval regulator. While the results were technically robust and the reporting to a high scientific standard, we especially appreciated their assistance in liaising amongst the project team, clearly explaining the scientific findings in simple, non-specialist terms.

Senior Environmental Planner | Arcadis

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