Monitoring & Quality

Aquatic monitoring is a useful tool that can be applied in a number of circumstances, such as the assessment of a known or putative impact, determining the effectiveness of a particular management action, evaluating ecosystem health and function, and evaluating the range of natural variability.

We believe the fundamental success of any monitoring program is within its design and implementation, where it is imperative to ensure that the type of data collected is suitable in addressing the programs objective, and the data being collected is both consistent and reliable. Our team is experienced in all aspects of aquatic monitoring and can assist you determine suitable sites, parameters, replicates and testing frequencies to meet your objectives. We also have a comprehensive understanding and are compliant with relevant sampling guidelines and industry best practices, where we can apply suitable Quality Assurance Quality Control (QAQC) measures to ensure the reliability of your data.

Aquatic Monitoring Qld

Blue Earth Environmental can assist you with:

  • Receiving Environment Monitoring Programs (REMPs)

  • Stream health assessments using biological indicators

  • Water quality and stream sediment sampling

  • Aquatic biota sampling for contaminants (such as PFAS, metals/metalloids, PCBs)


Lauren Pratt – Monitoring

Chris from Blue Earth Environmental is very professional, knowledgeable, technically capable and a master problem solver. Chris has helped to successfully collect habitat, water quality and biological data from remote and often difficult to access sites. He puts great effort in to research and planning prior to deployment and is meticulous with field aquatic flora and fauna ID.

Senior Aquatic Ecologist | GHD

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