Electrofishing is a survey technique that provides both a highly efficient and ethical way of sampling freshwater fish.

Electrofishing can be used in a variety of applications, including the assessment of fish community structure (species composition and abundance), targeted assessments for particular species, and aquatic salvage of native and/or exotic species.

Blue Earth Environmental provides in-house services in both backpack electrofishing and boat electrofishing. We operate Smith-Root electrofishing equipment that is regularly serviced and compliant with the Australian Code of Electrofishing Practice. Our personnel are Senior Electrofishing Operators, each with at least 15 years’ experience in the operation of electrofishing equipment and therefore have the necessary skills and experience to both safely and effectively undertake electrofishing works.


Lauren Pratt

Chris has great skill in launching and retrieving the boat electrofisher in difficult locations including on sandy and muddy substrates and on steep gradients. Chris does this with safety in mind, carefully planning every step of the launch and retrieval. Out on the water, Chris is highly adept at manoeuvring the boat electrofisher particularly at difficult sites filled with trees and debris and through water that is shallow or fast flowing to locate habitats ideal for capturing aquatic fauna. The price for these services and his extensive experience is great value and he will often attempt to find efficiencies in price where possible. Chris is a pleasure to work with and I am always very happy with the results he produces. I would highly recommend Blue Earth Environmental.

Senior Aquatic Ecologist | GHD

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