We have extensive experience in undertaking aquatic salvage programs and have a comprehensive understanding of necessary salvage techniques and processes.

We appreciate that no aquatic fauna salvage project (capture of fish, turtles and crayfish) is the same. Each can present a diverse set of challenges considering waterbody access, water body size, suitable capture techniques, species and biomass present, and suitable native translocation sites or pest fish disposal options.  We are proficient in the construction of Aquatic Biota Salvage Strategies that will suitably detail the site specific processes and procedures to be utilised in accordance with relevant guidelines, permits and approvals.

Blue Earth Environmental have successfully undertaken a broad range of projects that have involved the capture and translocation of aquatic fauna within small to large lakes and rivers on highway upgrades, water infrastructure assets operated by SunWater and Seqwater, and aquatic ecosystems where threatened aquatic species are present. Additionally, we have the equipment to suitably target pest fish species along with the necessary permits to euthanase and transport to an appropriate waste management facility.


Scott Northam

PCA Ground Engineering engaged Blue Earth Environmental in late 2020 to undertake Aquatic Biota Salvage works at Sideling Creek Dam. Chris and his guys were of the highest quality. PCA’s end client Seqwater and PCA, were wrapped in their overall performance. I highly recommend Blue Earth Environmental.

National Manager Major Projects | PCA Ground Engineering

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